Christmas Idea #1: Underwear!

Ok, so not just underwear, but we’re talking about the base layer that we all need when we’re snowmobiling or out playing in the snow.

And, instead of getting the same boring tie, consider getting him some performance base layer wear to take his snowmobile season to the next level and really touch his heart!

Christmas Gift from Motorcycle ShopHow to Choose a Base Layer:

A base layer offers compression and support in addition to warmth. A snug fit is essential to minimize bulk while maximizing comfort and range of motion. The close fit also maximizes skin surface contact for optimal moisture wicking and temperature regulation.

Why Wicking Material Beats Cotton

You may think your guy can just throw on his pajamas and be good to go, but wicking materials help in these ways:

  • Helps transports perspiration away from skin.
  • Dries much faster than conventional cotton underwear.
  • Reduces the risk of dramatic swings in body temperature.

Basically if he’s doing any outdoor activity, he’ll need the performance base layer to help him be more comfortable, warm, and perform at his best while ripping up the hill and past all his buddies!