Recreational Vehicles Services HeaderMotorcycle Repair You Can Believe In

Jones Motorsports offers the most experienced and reliable motorcycle repair services for motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs and UTVs in the Idaho Falls, ID area.

We Can Do Everything

We work on every millimeter of your bike; there’s nothing we can’t do! And we’ll work on your bikes or sleds whether they’re old or new. Simply put: we got you taken care of!

Jones’ Service Technicians

Our technicians are a step above the rest, working tirelessly for you, your safety and your enjoyment.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Our customers are always coming back with more projects for us on other new rides and toys they pick up along the way. And why not, Jones Motorsports doesn’t break the bank, we have the lowerst shop rate in all of Idaho, which means less overhead and more riding for you!

Get your bike back to 100%,
Get out there and RIDE!

Please call our Service Department at (208) 523-8977 to discuss service you may need.

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Offroad motorcycle repair
Street Motorcycle Repair
Snowmobile Repair

4 wheeler repair
UTV Repair
Personal Watercraft Repair